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Team Fortress 2 Announces Mann Vs Machine Co-Op Mode


{August 13, 2012}   More writing!

The Most Awesome Survival Horror Game You’re Probably Not Playing

If you like Resident Evil, check out how it came to be. 

{August 12, 2012}   Post Roundup!

Here’s what else I’ve written this week in the world of gaming:

I’m really enjoying my work, and I’ve gotten a few jobs off too, so that’s pretty sweet. Things are going well for me so far. 

Video Game Sales Continue to Fall

A new article from yours truly about how video games sales are continuing to do poorly this quarter.

How Kickstarter is Revolutionizing Gaming

Check out my second article for Rant Gaming!

What Will Blizzard’s Security Breach Cost Them?

My first blog post on Rant Gaming — detailing how Blizzard Entertainment’s security breach may affect their customer base.

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