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{August 6, 2012}   Ants are the devil. Also, it’s hot out.

I woke up this morning to my least favorite sight in the history of the world. Ants. Not just one, but quite a few having a buffet in my cat’s food dish. Not a fun way to start the day. My cat was staring at me like, “Mom, why is my food moving?” in my state of near terror, I threw out the entire dish. I’ll have to get a new one, along with ant traps–on Friday.

Thanks to the wonder of google, my woes have been solved: and I’m totally picking one up on Friday so poor Zevran can eat in peace.


Zev hates ants. They make him cry.

Would you deny that face food without ants? I didn’t think so. $15 is nothing compared to not dealing with ants, a happy kitty, and yeah…did I mention no ants? Good. Mentioning it again. No more ants.

It’s blazing hot here currently, and I’m watching the hours tick by before I have to go to job A for the evening. I’m writing some pieces for a client before I do, and hoping I get paid from my other job today. Freelancing is a tough gig, but I like what I do.

Anyway, off to write. I’ll be back later. For now, going to laugh at the corpses of the ants I killed earlier.

Revenge will be mine, ants. Soon your day will come. Soon.


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